Who We Are

Fulcrum Strategies is a health care consulting firm specializing in payer contract negotiation and strategic planning for physician practices founded in 2004 by Ron Howrigon, a former managed care executive. After 18 years working for various national payers, Ron became disillusioned with what he saw happening to physicians, particularly their declining reimbursement. In founding Fulcrum, Ron’s goal was to provide medical practices with professional negotiation resources in order to produce better managed care contracts for medical professionals. Almost two decades later, our firm has helped over 5,000 physicians in groups of all sizes and specialties across the country to significantly improve their contract language and reimbursement rates, strategically plan for the future, and achieve business success.

Managed care companies are very good at keeping as much money as possible from physicians. When a client engages Fulcrum Strategies, they immediately have access to a team of experienced contract negotiators working on their side. Each of our negotiators has worked for the major payers before joining our team and we use this inside knowledge of the managed care industry to our clients’ advantage. Combined, our team has over 100 years of industry experience.

The healthcare industry is changing, especially with regard to how physicians are paid and who pays them. Medical practices must constantly learn and understand new reimbursement concepts and payment models. Those who don't fully understand these new models could unknowingly sign unfavorable contacts and suffer substantial revenue losses. Now more than ever, it is essential for practices to have experienced and dedicated allies who understand what the payers are trying to accomplish with these new payment tools. Fulcrum Strategies is uniquely suited to be your best advocate during what are often difficult and complex negotiations. Our clients cover the entire spectrum ranging from very large specialty groups to small primary care practices.

Our dedicated team of professionals will provide you with the leverage and tools necessary to succeed in this new healthcare environment.

At Fulcrum Strategies, we believe that the best referrals come from word-of-mouth recommendations from our clients. We publish our entire list of clients, both active and former, because we believe that each client’s experience with our team will speak for itself.

We are happy to provide contact information for any of the practices you see published on our client list. If you would like to speak with someone from a specific specialty or location, we’re happy to provide a customized referral list for you. Simply contact a Fulcrum Strategies representative to get in touch with the references of your choice.

In the end, we see ourselves as provider advocates. Our job is to help with the complex business issues facing doctors today so they can concentrate on clinical and patient care issues.